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Zero Waste Project
Hot Dip Galvanized Waste Container
Overground Waste Container
Underground Waste Containers
3.000 lt. Capacity Semi-Underground Waste Container
1. The semi-underground waste container is manufactured in one piece without addition.
2. The semi-underground waste container is made of high density polyethylene material.
3. The external container volume of semi-underground waste container is 3.000 liter (+-10%) and the internal container volume is 2.400 liter (+-10%) and has a system with double unloading lids from the bottom.
4. The semi-underground waste container is completely impermeable to water and resistant to corrosion, atmospheric conditions and impacts. The container has conical shape and is unloaded by removing up from the top. The inside of the double lids on the bottom are used as the water chamber.
5. The metal mechanisms related to the lifting, opening, closure and the joints of the internal body are resistant to the corrosio,is also hot-dip galvanized.
6. The semi-underground waste container can be unloaded by removing up with crane and  the bottom lids are opened by means of crane and the bottom lids have the feature closing automatically after the unloading.
7. One of the hooks carries the load and the other one opens-closes the bottom lids automatically.
8. The semi-underground waste container also has a litter lid for dropping waste on the top  lid of the  waste container part which remains on the ground.
9. The lid has the feature to be opened-closed easily and has a handle on the top that can be
used by any of the users and can closed easily after dropping the waste.
10. A digital printing can be applied on the part of the semi-underground waste container which remains over the ground optionally.
11. The requested logo and letters are applied as sticker on the visible parts of the body and lid of
the underground waste container which remains over the ground.
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