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2.400 Lt. Side Loading Metal Waste Containe

  1. Container lid including volume 2,400 liters.The liter tolerance is 5% liter and is produced according to the attached technical drawing dimensions.

  2. The body is made of 1.50 mm galvanized sheet.

  3. The body welds and other welds boiledwithout slag with gas tecnology, continuously boiled water and body are made watertight.

  4. Lifting arms according to the lifting device on the vehicle are welded on 4 mm chassis.

  5. The lid is made of 0.80 mm galvanized sheet, the reinforcement profile was welded into the lid.

  6. Opening handle on the lid is available and rubber roving on the lid.

  7. The lid is spring-loaded with the automatic opening system.

  8. The body is enclosed with 25.00 x 50.00 mm profile.

  9. Enough form is applied on the form to provide strenght on the body and side sheets

  10. 4 roller wheels are available.

  11. The inside and outside of the container is painted with a complete electrostatic oven paint.

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