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3.500 Lt. Full Underground
Waste Container System

  1. It provides the ability to use comfortably alongside the image of modern city furniture, ecological and aesthetic. Just the throwing trash chimney is visible on the part of above ground, the major containers are located underground.

  2. Underground waste container system is made with the capable of discharging and specialities which drivers can control  truck mounted crane with remote control panel through coming down the vehicle or without coming by removing the container lifting machanism and opening the bottom lids on waste truck.

  3. When inner container is removed for discharging or any other  reason , there is an elevator system with safety platform closed automatically that prevents falling of any object in the mouth of the well.Elevator system has the carrying capacity of 250 kg. Besides easy usage properties offers a high security.

  4. Upper walking platform is made of teardrop pattern iron sheet which has durability of people can easily walk on.

  5. Underground container system is manufactured with the shape to be used for household waste by European Standards and designed for long term using.

  6. Containers can be manufactured with various chimney options , environmentally compliant colors (Ral colors) or sticker coating optionally.

  7. One-piece poured concrete socket is reinforced quality C35 and waterproof concrete and rebar are used

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