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770 Lt. Hot Dip Galvanized
Waste Contanier

  1. The body is twisted from a single piece of  2.00 mm. thick iron sheet, resistance of the body and sides increased in presser. Side of the body  is twisted 1,50 cm. so that it grasps the body from outside, the ground, corners and upper back opening are provided round shape. 

  2. Container opening profiles are self twisted as 25.00 x 50.00 x 2.00 mm. and non welding.Just the mountings of the corners are welded.

  3. The body is welded with completely gasous welding and without any dross.

  4. There are 45 x 10 cm. lifting trunnions  on the lifting apparats by drilling from 4.00 mm. sheet metal, 16.00 mm. round arms are welded to iron sheet from bottom and top, also the iron sheet is welded to body.

  5. The lid is laminated by a single piece of  1,50 mm. thick iron sheet  to make it durable and aesthetic.

  6. Opening handles on the lid, locked with osculation, reinforced with resistance increasing profile from inside.

  7. There are 4 carrying rollers with a size of 160 x 45 and wide fork, swivel 360 °,  fork sheet is 4.00 mm. Wheels are settled which are suitable to the standards of  TS EN 12532. Thickness of the wheel mounting bracket is 4.00 mm.

  8. Container is produced in accordance with technical pictures and technical specialties, galvanized in accordance with the standard of TS  EN ISO 1461 with the system of hot dipping galvanization 60-80 micron.

  9. Container has the certificate TS EN 840-3.

  10. In the front side; the name of the municipality, a drawing which shows a person throwing garbage and the slogan ' Keep Clean  Our Environment ' are applied.

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