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770 Lt. Hot Dip Galvanized
Waste Contanier

  1. The body is made of 1.50 mm. curled up in one piece of  iron sheet ,given form with pressed and strength has been increased.Bottom corners are radius. Installation of manufactured from the same sheet with the body iron sheets, pressing the edges of the side iron sheets formed of at least 20 mm. width can twisted ledge or lip including all surroundings and radius,  with this protrusion the side iron sheets and body sheets  are uninterrupted merged from outboard with radius.

  2. The body welds and other welds boiledwithout slag with gas tecnology.

  3. The body mouth is turned complete pipe profile.

  4. The lifting arms and lid connection 2.50 mm. the steel is welded on the apparatus and screwed  to the body.

  5. The lifting trunnions are made suitable for EN standart.The lid handles are

  6. Container lids are made of 1.40 mm iron sheet, lid  system  is made can be opening  around its axis and to lid are  given strengthening form.The lid motion has helix sprung , there are 1 stop mechanism.

  7. There are 4 carrying rollers with the size of 200 x50 and wide fork, swivel 360, two of them are with brakes, fork sheet is 4.00 mm.Wheels are settled which are suitable to the standards of TS EN 12532. Thickness of the Wheel mounting bracket is 4.00 mm..

  8. Containers all inside and outside  included lid galvanized in accordabce with the standard of TS EN ISO 1461 with the system of hot dipping galvanizing

  9. The container has the certificate of TS EN 840-3.It is ± %5  tolerance.

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