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Stainless Steel Dustbin

  1. The body and legs of the dustbin are made of 304 quality chrome-nickel steel and joints made with chrome-nickel weld.

  2. Bucket size of the dustbin is 260 x 380 x 490 mm. and sheet metal thickness is 1.00 mm.

  3. Feet width of the dustbins are 110 mm.  height 1.000 mm.  thickness of the metal sheet 1.50 mm. and twisted as a shape U and width of the U is 30.00 mm.

  4.  There is a mounting plate between two base legs of dustbin. Metal sheet twisted as a shape U 90 x 460 mm. thickness is 1.50 mm.

  5. The center of the upper part of the dutbin is shaped ashtray by press-spinning.

  6. Dustbin is shaped as self-capped form by twisting 90 x 420 mm. size, 1.50 mm. thickness angled on the both side of the dustbin as no rain into.

  7. Outer size of dustbin, including cap, is 260 x 460 x 1.000 mm.

  8. Municipality's name and slogan ‘Keep Clean Our Environment’ will be applied the outer surface on the both side of dustbin

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